• Tribute for Thomas Chapin. Musso, Richey, Dreiwitz, Daterman.
  • Sonny Sharrock playing at the Gas Station with Machine Gun
  • Machine Gun: L-R, Richey, Musso, Bryant, Wells, Thomas Chapin, 1987
  • Robert Musso in his recording studio. is a recorded music imprint originating in 1986, when Producer, Engineer, and Guitarist Robert Musso formed the MuWorks label. The emphasis, which continues to this day, revolves around music that for the most part is largely improvised, and is on the cutting edge of current music and recording practices. Our catalog contains a wide variety of music that is considered to be outside the usual parameters of the music business. The catalog is available worldwide for downloads from numerous sources (see Buy Page), as well as streaming (see same page for Spotify access). Hard copy is also available: just contact us at